BatchImagePro – Batch Image Processing With C# .net

BatchImagePro is a simple to use Batch Image Processing software library for C# developers who develop applications and utilities for Windows and Linux. The library has also been tested to work on the Raspberry Pi platform.

BatchImagePro is optimised for the processing of images in batches, and supports configurable multi-threading to enable the fine tuning of overall throughput performance.

A selection of the library capabilities and features are listed below, with additional information available at the online help web pages:

  • 24 bit image formats for jpg, bmp, and png
  • Bulk image water marking and thumbnail generation
  • Auto de-skew of scanned documents
  • EXIF data extraction and modification1
  • Resize / rotate / reflect
  • Smoothing / sharpening / noise reduction
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment, and thresholding
  • Arithmetic and logical operations
  • Blob detection and extraction
  • User defined filters

BatchImagePro is available in three different perpetual licence editions:

Free Personal Commercial
Max image size2 8 MP 35+ MP 35+ MP
Multi threading configurable configurable
Free upgrades3 minor releases minor releases
Customer support email support
Price (single user) free £3 + taxes4
£195 + taxes4
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  1. EXIF modification support on Windows only.
  2. Actual image size limited by available RAM.
  3. Eligible for free upgrades to major version where released within 45 days after purchase of previous version.
  4. Taxes applicable to certain regions only. Other pricing structures are available.

When purchasing a personal licence using the PayPal ‘Buy Now‘ button, expect to receive a licence file by email, which needs to be referenced in code when using the library. Free and Personal editions are for non-commercial use only. Commercial licence includes basic email support for library usage, whereby support is available for the latest two major versions of a product. Looking for a trial commercial licence? Please contact us.

Ready to Get Started?

Please read the Getting Started guide to download the library and get started with the coding examples.