Code Storming – Spontaneous Creativity with Code

We’ve all heard of the term ‘brain storming’ where problems are solved by asking spontaneous ‘What if …?’ questions. In this section, we present examples of software development that has resulted from asking the same sort of ‘What if …?’ questions. Hence, code storming.

Mainstream software development today is pre-occupied with adhering to frameworks, design patterns and methodologies, which leaves little room for spontaneous creativity. The irony here is that many of the tools and technologies we use are themselves the product of such creativity.

The first example in this section is an MVC web server for Arduino AVR micro controller boards. This web server has been inspired by the MVC framework, and for anyone familiar with web scripting, using the web server will be straight-forward.

The next example is a basic working end-to-end IoT example using Arduino as the client device, and Azure based services for the Web API services and data visualization Web UI. It’s not a complete solution and leaves room for additional requirements to be implemented.