Data Clean Up and Migration.

Data Clean up and Migration

Quality Data on the Right Storage Platform Helps Businesses Stay Agile

Is your data holding back your business? High quality data, optimally structured, is essential for businesses so they can:

  • Have easier access to reliable information
  • Analyse and report on the performance of their business
  • Respond faster to changes in the market
  • Reduce cost of business operations
  • Stay ahead of the competition

Having data quality issues or using a sub-optimal database platform is likely to prevent your business from moving forward.

Data Clean up and Migration – What Are the Options?

Cohesive Computing data specialists are experienced in building and optimising complex data repositories, and can help your business improve the quality of its data. Our specialists will:

  • Identify (and if possible, correct) invalid or incomplete data
  • Identify duplicate or orphaned records
  • Propose appropriate data types, constraints, structures and schemas
  • Propose an archiving and purging strategy for data not considered current
  • Propose a more appropriate database platform

Data is first extracted to a staging area (either on premises or the cloud) where it is verified and transformed, and then loaded in to the target storage system(s). This ETL activity is independent of database platform (i.e. Sql Server, Oracle, MySQL etc).

A well designed system will be able to adapt to structural data changes with a minimal re-engineering effort.

Bulk Digital Image Processing

Cohesive Computing specialise in bulk processing of digital images, which is of particular benefit to users of e-commerce, CRM, and CCTV platforms. We can perform bulk:

  • image enhancement
  • image compression enhancement
  • watermarking
  • meta-data processing
  • thumbnail generation

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