Principal Consultant and Owner

Kashif Baig, Cohesive Computing’s principal consultant, has had an interest in computing since he learned to program a ZX81, at the start of the 8-bit home computer revolution. From there he progressed to more advanced 8, 16 and 32 bit computers, making all manner of discoveries on the way. He developed a multi-tasking micro kernel when he was 15 years old, his own networking hardware and protocol at 17, a 3D renderer at 19, a NoSql database and ORM framework when in his early twenties. The first programming language he learnt was BASIC, and became proficient with it by the time he was 11 years old. Being frustrated with a slow interpreted language on a 1 MHz 8-bit computer, he learnt 6502 assembly language, and for a short time was amazed at what he thought was a massive increase in computing power. During his journey through technology and time, he taught himself programming languages such as Pascal, C, and C++, and he also taught himself to design and fabricate digital circuits.

Today, he designs and leads the development of enterprise software systems for clients from a range of industry sectors. He has been a technology professional since 1995, with experience covering the following areas:

  • working closely with business representatives and stakeholders
  • requirements prototyping, simulation, walk-throughs, user journeys, proof of concept
  • development of data critical web, desktop, middle tier, mobile and IoT applications
  • systems design & re-engineering, systems integration, web and data services
  • efficient computing: resource economy/pooling, data streaming, chunking, caching, pre-computation
  • working with teams spanning continents and time zones

His technical experience encompasses numerous computing environments and toolkits, and includes certifications. In his spare time he enjoys applied hardware hacking using Arduino and micro:bit boards.

If you have similar interests, feel free to connect with him at LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading.