SQL and NoSQL Database Development Specialists

Cohesive Computing Ltd is a London based technology specialist consultancy that provides database development services to a wide range of organisations. Our expertise covers:

  • building of data warehouse platforms
  • data analytics and reporting
  • database re-engineering and data migration
  • database performance trouble-shooting
  • wide range of data formats, including xml, json, text and binary
  • data reconciliation and cleanup
  • Software systems development

What makes Cohesive Computing different from the competition is we focus on excluding un-necessary risk and complexity in the solutions that we deliver. This results in reduced costs and time scales, and more importantly, satisfied clients. Furthermore, none of our work is outsourced abroad; it is all performed in the UK by experienced professionals. For instance, Cohesive Computing’s Principal Consultant has over 20 years of professional experience in the software development industry.

Below are some of the organisations and businesses Cohesive Computing has worked with:

If you would like to talk to us about your computing requirements, feel free to get in touch.