Code Storming – Spontaneous Creativity with Code

We’ve all heard of the term ‘brain storming’ where problems are solved by asking spontaneous ‘What if …?’ questions. On this site, we present examples of software development that has resulted from asking the same sort of ‘What if …?’ questions. Hence, code storming.

Software development today is pre-occupied with adhering to ideology and methodology, which leaves little room for spontaneous creativity. The irony here is that many of the tools and technologies that support software development, are themselves the product of such creativity.

Spontaneous creativity encourages thinking outside the box, leading to innovative solutions. It results in novel approaches to complex problems, improving systems design and functionality. Being creative allows us to explore new technologies and tools, learn from failures, and adapt with agility.

Use the navigation menus to discover different examples of code storming. Feel free to adapt for personal use and demonstrate on social media platforms, and please remember to credit the original author. Thank you.