Android speedo on bike using Arduino and Bluetooth.

Android Display for Arduino Speedometer Using Bluetooth

If you haven’t done so already, please review the Android and Arduino Coding Fun page before continuing.

With this project the reader can use an Android device to display the speed and distance travelled by a small vehicle, such as bicycle, go kart or scooter. It features a speed limit setting that can be used to activate a beeper if the speed limit is exceeded. The speedometer logic is all in the Arduino, and the Android app is used for display and configuration.

For the speedometer you will need the following items, in addition to the core items:

  • a reed switch,
  • a magnet

Note, the Arduino digital pin 5 and GND are connected to the reed switch for measuring wheel rotations.

The source code is available for download as follows:

The video below demonstrates how to configure and use the speedometer Android app.

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10 thoughts on “Android Display for Arduino Speedometer Using Bluetooth

  1. Charles Harris

    I am retired with interest in model railways. I would love to use the speedometer with BT . Just learning Arduino.
    With model railways not much room. What sensor to find number of revolutions of the axle made, and using distance travelled on track per rev, calculate speed and show on Android. yuo
    Could your speedometer be used for above project ?

    1. Kashif Baig Post author

      Hi Charles. It might be possible to use an optical sensor and a wheel encoder on the motor itself to calculate speed/distance. The Arduino code for reading the sensor and calculating the speed/distance would need some modification, but rest of the code you could use as is. You may also be able to get the code to work on a scaled down Arduino, e.g. Adafruit Pro Trinket. Hope that helps.

  2. Charles Harris

    Thanks Kashif. I will give it a try.

    Is there a Fritzing or similar drawing of the Arduino and the Bluetooth module connections etc.



  3. kenneth sørensen

    I think your project looks very exciting.
    Will it be possible to use a bluetooth bike sensor (BLE) instead of the Arduino?

    Thanks Kenneth

    1. Kashif Baig Post author

      Hi Daniel

      This project focuses mainly on the software side of things. The actual magnet and reed switch are from a bicycle speedometer product which broke, and so were used here. One connection of the reed switch is connected to GND, the other to Arduino pin 5.

  4. Audrey

    Hi, does the arduino board require a power source to function? If yes, what did you use and would powering it from 3V batteries be enough? Sorry for the basic question but I’m a newbie with Arduino and am using this project to implement in my Final year project. Thanks you in advance

    1. Kashif Baig Post author

      Yes, the Arduino does require its own power source. The actual power requirements will depend of which variant you use – there are some variants that can run off 3.3v, which makes the usage of LIPO batteries feasible.

      1. Audrey

        Hello again and thanks for the reply, I was wondering if I could use the Arduino source code provided and not use the Andriod studio as I intend to use the project with a reed switch and magnet for a speedometer (just like the project) but to display it on an LCD Display instead of a phone. Would I have to do any changes within the code to do as such?


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